Getting Started

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The course consists of 5 online training sessions. It includes unlimited access to the sociometric online instrument.

Session 1 – Sociometry

Introduction to the science of sociometry and the sociometric instrument created by Helping Hands ABP 

  • How to implement it
  • What it can achieveHow to interpret the results
  • The sociometric categories created by Coie et al., (1982)
  • Understanding the ‘sociodynamic effect’ – being unchosen in the context of unlimited nominations

The sociometric instrument can be accessed once this session has been completed


Session 2 – The nature and dynamics of hidden bullying

·         The inner worlds of the targets (victims), the perpetrators (students who bully) and bystanders in (peer group) bullying situations

·         The compelling reasons why all three groups collude to keep bullying hidden from teachers, parents, school authorities even when it is completely visible in the peer group

·         The power of sociometry to penetrate this hidden world of denial


Session 3 – The two types of empathy (Cognitive and Affective), and how each relate to bullying

Distinguishing between perpetrators and targets:

  • Their similar and different behaviours
  • Hostile attributional bias and self-attributional bias
  • Difference between being ‘popular’ and being ‘liked’
  • Difference between being ‘disliked’ and ‘excluded’

The transfer of bullying from Primary to Secondary School


Session 4 – Recognising and responding to hidden bullying – challenges for schools, teachers, parents

  • The necessary focus in the classroom of overt behaviour that promotes learning and the challenges this poses for teachers in recognising hidden bullying
  • The impact of the organisational structure of the school
  • The impact of parental distress – how it militates against reporting


Session 5 – Resolution of bullying through empowerment of victims

  • Creating conditions that make it safe for victims to ‘tell’
  • The process of empowerment of victims / targets
  • Handling and helping the perpetrator
  • Limitations of the investigative approach
  • The impact of the Cooperative Learning Classroom 

Unlimited access to the software package is available to schools who adopt the program. Training must be completed in order to access the software.

Cost (varies by school size) €3 per student