Helping Hands Anti-Bullying Programme

Helping Hands ABP is a high-quality programme for teachers and student support teams. It includes an easy-to-use diagnostic tool that accesses peer group relationship dynamics normally hidden from teachers. The software generates a heat map to inform teachers of the potential for bullying to occur or escalate

Teachers can use this knowledge, in combination with online training, to intervene early to prevent bullying, to develop inclusive classroom teams, and to create conditions that make it safe for bullied students to tell

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Maeve Kelly


Coláiste Iascaigh, Sligo

‘The ‘Helping Hands’ programme is a valuable tool for supporting inclusive education.  It allows students to have ownership, take responsibility and have a say in how they learn best as part of a team.

 It allows teachers to better support wellbeing, by identifying students who may require extra support. The Student Support Team also have a clear indication of students who may need interventions put in place. This is a fantastic piece of software which is easy to use’.

Jacinta Kitt

Author, Lecturer, former teacher, expert on workplace bullying

‘The Bullying of students is a perennial and difficult problem for schools to manage. The manifestations and effects of bullying are generally neither visible nor understood. The dynamics and nuances of bullying behaviours are extremely complex. Dr. Maria Garvey gets it.

Her programme offers an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of every aspect of this multidimensional problem. Her proposed interventions are clear, meticulous and groundbreaking. I am happy to endorse it, in the realistic hope that children who are being tortured on a daily basis by those who bully, will finally get the appropriately focused support that they need and deserve’.

Clodagh Brady – Anti-bullying Coordinator

‘We use the sociometric tool in the Helping Hands Programme to place students in teams. It is easy to use and ensures that students are in teams where they feel accepted and included. I now look at my class differently and understand the plight of vulnerable students and the structure of classroom relationships.

It has helped me to identify isolated and excluded students so appropriate support structures could be put in place. I can also identify students who have influence and can through cooperative learning encourage more inclusion and shared leadership in the room.

In a wider school context, the Student Support Team now has solid data on the vulnerable students and can put appropriate interventions in place.’

Anita O’Hara – Parent and Joint Chair of Parents’ Association

‘If the children who suffer at the hands of hidden bullying ran the schools, this is the programme they would implement.

Maria’s vision and this concept gives families, educators and most importantly the victims a way forward that gets the right results

…a voice for those who don’t have one.’

Maria Garvey.
Social Entrepreneur Ireland Awardee 2019

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